About Grand Sanat Khorasan

Grand Sanat Khorasan Company was established in 2012 rely on half a century of experience and technical knowledge in the field of manufacturing different kinds of Iranian high quality home appliances

In 1977, the founder of the company established an industrial manufacturing under the name of Iran Sharq Neyshabur in order to manufacturing home appliances that developed in four phases as follows

Phase one in 1979: Manufacturing of oil heaters

,Phase two in 1981: Manufacturing of oil water heaters

, Phase three in 2013: Manufacturing of gas heaters and gas water heaters

,Phase four in 2015: Manufacturing of refrigerators and freezers

In 2013, due to the fact that the manufacturing of refrigerators and freezers requires very high technology and technical knowledge, an independent company under the name of Grand Sanat Khorasan was founded in an area of more than 20,000 square meters. The company manufactured refrigerators and freezers with Iran Sharq and Grand trademarks

Today, Grand industrial Company has three factories that manufacture refrigerators, freezers, gas/oil/electric water heaters, domestic and industrial gas heaters and radiant heaters in an area of over 60,000 square meters

Honors of Grand Sanat Khorasan