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Grand Industries is one of the largest refrigerators manufacturer in Iran. The company manufactures refrigerators and showcase refrigerators. It manufactures refrigerators and refrigerators.

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12 03-1397
Advantages and disadvantages of Neek Gostar water Coolers

Water coolers have some disadvantages, despite the many benefits such as the proper price of the device and the cost of energy, high efficiency of the cooling and low energy consumption, in fact, in the absence of proper service, the device has problems such as clogging the pump and the pump or the alarm of the internal components of the cooler One more limitation of the water coolers is the limited choice of cold temperatures. Water coolers are divided according to their energy consumption or indeed the power of the engine, and their size varies accordingly.
There are many brands currently in the market of water coolers, most of them are Iranian and have a good quality, including Nike Gostar.


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