Components of a water cooler

Cooler Outlet Channel: This canal is located between the air vent and the air vent. No matter how much sunlight can be prevented from this area, there is a lot of cold, lower losses, and the cooling efficiency of the water cooler will increase. Internal Channel: This channel is located inside the cooler and the propeller is in front of it.
Cooler body - Gray trim: To avoid the transmission of cooler vibrations and external channels, it is necessary to use a balustrade. This should be completely healthy.
Gutters: There is a route for entering and distributing water to each cooler cap that is known as a stud. Water distributor (three water ways) - Large and small money: By the two money and the strap, the mechanical force generated in the electromotor is shifted to the fan axis. It is very important to have two very important money.
Float (Float): By using the float, the amount of water inside the cooler tank is always constant. Electric components Water cooler - Quad Core Interface: To transfer power from key to cooler.
Fuse: To protect the electric cooler against dangers such as overload

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